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Special Olympics TV / Film ads

Special Olympics "The Same Blood"

The Revolution Is Inclusion Through the power of our athletes and our sports, Special Olympics is...see more →

VetCare Print ads

VetCare "Report wildlife trafficking"

Wild animals are not products. Report wildlife trafficking. No species migrates in cardboard boxes...see more →

Eesti Haigekassa
Eesti Haigekassa Print ads

Eesti Haigekassa: "More Active" by Optimist Creative

Obesity in office workers is a big problem in Estonia. People don't move enough. We needed to shake...see more →

Bulat Utemuratov Foundation TV / Film ads

Bulat Utemuratov Foundation: "the ordinary life of unusual children"

Bulat Utemuratov Foundation has released a video for the World Autism Awareness Day. All...see more →

Securite Routiere
Securite Routiere Print ads

Securite Routiere "On the road, a telephone can kill."

Kill or get killed. Was it worth reading that text message? Or answering that call or that email?...see more →

Amena Autism Center
Amena Foundation Print ads

Amena Autism Center: "Autism is challenging but not impossible" by VMLY&R

Autism is challenging but not impossible Advertising Agency: VMLY&R, Amman, Jordan Client: ...see more →

In a world without weapons
Instituto Sou da Paz Print ads

Instituto Sou da Paz "In a world without weapons" by Vogg

In a world without weapons, Martin Luther King Jr continued his struggle for equality and became...see more →

WWF advertisements
WWF Print ads

WWF: "Limited edition for lack of material."

Limited edition for lack of material. Client: WWF (World Wildlife Fund) The...see more →

National Geographic: "Planet or plastic?"
National Geographic Print ads

National Geographic: "Planet or plastic?" by Saatchi & Saatchi

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Client: National...see more →

PETA advertisement
PETA Outdoor ads

PETA: "Prisoner of SeaWorld" by Nim Shapira

Collapsed Fins. Broken Teeth. Tiny Cell. Prisoner of SeaWorld. Don’t Go! Advertising Agency:...see more →

Samaritans Outdoor ads

Samaritans: "When life is tought, we're here to listen." by Mother

When life is tought, we're here to listen. Advertising Agency: Mother, London, United Kingdom...see more →

Sea Shepherd
Sea Shepherd Print ads

Sea Shepherd: The plastic you use once tortures the oceans forever

A plain plastic bag looks inoffensive, but it can represent severe suffering – and even death – for...see more →

CARE: They share everything
CARE International Outdoor ads

CARE International: They share everything

They share everything. Including hunger, They go to sleep together. With hunger that is....see more →

Road Safety Week : Watchit on the streets!
Larsen & Toubro Print ads

Road Safety Week : Watchit on the streets!

Advertising Agency: Tag Vinnatti, Mumbai, India Creative Directors: Mahesh...see more →

World Food Day: Don't feed the danger!
World Food Day Print ads

World Food Day: Don't feed the danger!

World Food Day October 16 Don’t feed the danger! Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Athens, Greece...see more →

Amnesty International Online ads

Amnesty International: "The Tortured Signature"

Advertising Agency: Hjaltelin Stahl, Copenhagen, Denmark Creative Director: Lasse Vintersbølle...see more →

Red Cross TV / Film ads

Red Cross: Learn to save a life

Czech Red Cross celebrates 100 years since its founding in 1919. Cinema, TV and...see more →

NZ Transport Agency presents "Belt up, live on"
NZ Transport Agency Outdoor ads

NZ Transport Agency presents "Belt up, live on"

New Zealand authorities have recently launched a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of...see more →

Save The Children Outdoor ads

Save the Children: Would you walk 6A's route to get to school?

Would you walk 6A’s route to get to school? This bus-wrap for Save the Children demonstrates how...see more →

The Thrown Out Flag
Out Not Down Outdoor ads

Out Not Down " The Thrown Out Flag" by Saatchi & Saatchi

No one feels proud at 10º below freezing 40% of homeless teens who come out are thrown out Taking...see more →

Who's really online with your kids?
Foundation Against Child Exploitation Print ads

Foundation Against Child Exploitation asks "Who's really online with your kids?"

Who's really online with your kids? Advertising Agency: JWT, Melbourne, Australia...see more →

Traffic Accident Is Not Fantasy
DETRAN MS Print ads

DETRAN MS: "Traffic Accident Is Not Fantasy"by TBWA

Traffic Accident Is Not Fantasy. Advertising Agency: Novo Engenho, Campo Grande-...see more →

Animal Protection Denmark
Animal Protection Denmark Outdoor ads

Animal Protection Denmark: "make industrial chickens free chickens" by Mindshare

Industrial Chickens Get No Fresh Air - make industrial chickens free chickens - look for our label...see more →

Sonrisas de Bombay: "Mumbai Smiles"
Sonrisas de Bombay Print ads

Sonrisas de Bombay: "Mumbai Smiles" by Caldas Naya

In India, more than 30% women are illiterate Do we have to come so far to get equal rights? In...see more →

Greenpeace print ad
Greenpeace Print ads

Greenpeace: "Stop the war" by DDB

Once it’s thrown away it turns into a weapon. Stop the war. Greenpeace Advertising Agency: DDB...see more →

PETA TV / Film ads


Los Angeles — To help ensure that people have the most romantic Valentine's Day yet, PETA is...see more →

UNICEF Print ads

UNICEF "Toys are us"

Children in countries like Congo, Nigeria, Myanmar, Philippines, and Syria are being recruited...see more →

IFAW Print ads

IFAW: "Attack one and you will destroy it all" by Publicis Conseil

Attack one and you will destroy it all Preserve biodiversity donate on Advertising...see more →

Doctors Without Borders
Doctors Without Borders Print ads

Doctors Without Borders "Whichever side, we save lives." Ogilvy & Mather

Client: Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International Whichever side, we...see more →

LGBT Pride Day
Aviatur Print ads

Aviatur "LGBT Pride Day" by BBDO

There are 72 countries in the world which criminalize sexual relationships among people of the same...see more →

Fundación Monica Licona
Fundación Monica Licona Print ads

Fundación Monica Licona "We are all drivers. Let’s share the road." by Y&R

We are all drivers. Let’s share the road. Client: Fundación Monica Licona Advertising Agency:...see more →

Swedish Armed Forces "We don't always march straight" by Volt
Swedish Armed Forces Print ads

Swedish Armed Forces "We don't always march straight" by Volt

This year’s Pride Festival was a bit special since Sweden also was the host of EuroPride. Together...see more →

WWF Outdoor ads

WWF: "Pride In Our Nature" by Possible

Our task was to tell the inhabitants of the Caucasian republics about the return of the Asiatic...see more →

Don't suck the life from our oceans
Greenpeace Print ads

Greenpeace: "Don't suck the life from our oceans" by Rethink

Don't suck the life from our oceans. Advertising Agency: Rethink, Toronto, Canada Creative...see more →

Greenpeace print ad
Greenpeace Print ads

Greenpeace: "Is this the footprint we want to leave?" by Lion's Heart

Is this the footprint we want to leave? Advertising Agency: Lion's Heart, Lima, Peru Art Directors...see more →

Dubai Health Authority Direct Marketing ads

Dubai Health Authority "Rx Prescription Stickers" by The Classic Partnership

Blue-collared workforce in Dubai is quite sizeable. Many unfortunately, have limited education and...see more →

Save the Children
Save The Children Print ads

Save the Children: "Don't let his dream die" by Y&R

Don't let his dream die Advertising Agency: Y&R, Mexico Global Chief Creative...see more →

UNICEF Print ads

UNICEF "helping hundreds of children"

UNICEF's main income source comes from donations. But nowadays it's getting harder to engage with...see more →

Amnesty International
Amnesty International Print ads

Amnesty International: "hiding about arms"

"What is the United Kingdom hiding about arms that are built in the United Kingdom? The United...see more →

Fondation Emergence: "(S)He deserves respect" by Lg2
Fondation Emergence Print ads

Fondation Emergence: "(S)He deserves respect" by Lg2

(S)He deserves respect Advertising Agency: LG2, Montreal, Canada Art Director / Copywriter: J-C...see more →

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